Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our shooters have no class

As the shooting club is open again for the season, we are working to get more visually impaired to shoot. Another thing I would love is to get an SH3 class using a ISSF approved support rest.
Link to ISSF supported rest
My defense of its importance: A free standing shooter needs a sighted assistant to get aligned with the target card. At our club the SH3 shooters have a support stand because of some other issues. One is that two of them need support by some other issues they have. No big deal, they shoot as a pro with support. Two, With  support they don't need a sighted assistant. They can to shoot without any help from others.
I think this is really important. Sport without others to help. This means much for them, me and the club. It makes it far more easy for shooting clubs also. SH3 shooters at our club are totally self-supporting.
In October we have a national ranking match and two of our shooters will be there to get some ranking points. I'm sure if they show how good they are we will get a official national class for SH3 shooters with a support rest. There will be five of them at this match.