Sunday, September 13, 2015

After the good results, we have something new on the list.

Benjamin is now shooting with a $6.00 Tasco 4x20 rifle scope, which is ok, but this scope has very fragile elevation and windage controls.
He has to adjust it to many times after a shooting serie.
We bought a nice ruggedised Hawke 4x32 rifle scope which also has nice clicks on the adjustments.
The scope really looks good and we are now making a sensor adaptor for this scope.
Update 1: Bummer today, all shots are scattered over the target card. We had to much light on the sensor and Benjamin could not shoot nice groups. We will make the sensor less sensitive and do some test with different sensor setups.

Update 2: We are back in business again, I mounted the sensor at the back behind a 2.5mm pinhole 6mm deep and Benjamin hit the tens again. We will mount this scope after the competition he has to shoot soon.

Update 3: Benjamin did a great job at the ranking shootings (616.7) The new Hawke is fitted to his rifle and will use it now.

Update 4: We added a diaphragm ring to the front lens because Benjamin could notice the lamp from John next of him. The view is more narrow now and it solved the problem.

Diaphragm ring

Update 5: John from the club used another system to shoot and switched to our new system. He is very pleased, his results are much better than before.