Sunday, September 20, 2015

Some real cool stuff is budding!

While developing Kedok I did play with the idea to use a camera as a sensor.
Never thought I would get this far.
But I like to share what I coded a week ago.

It has many benefits:
No special lamp needed for the target card. The shooter can use the regular shooting ranges.
No adjustments on the electronics at all.

I think I will use a Raspberry Pi board for this and a USB webcam.

To be continued.

Update 1: Bought a Raspberry PI and started to code in Python and got something that worked but utterly slow, about 3 frames a second. Redid my work in C++ and get about 6 frame scans a second.
Took me a while to get the sound beep form the 3.5mm jack plug but all works now.
So next is to find a good camera, all web cams are by design only for a short distance, maybe pull one apart and put a sight scope on it to replace the fish eye lens.

Update 2: CAD works for the camera housing and mount are ready.