Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Today we ran some test with Benjamin.
First to test the range of the sensor and let Benjamin shoot at the lowest tone.
This means as worse as possible. After a few shots all were in the outer ring.
That means that his shooting gear works within the range of the target card range.
Visual impaired and blind shooters use bigger target cards than sighted shooters.
We wanted to test what results Benjamin would get if he uses the sight shooters target card which is smaller.

Here are the results for his first three shots.
Note: This was his first time and without adjusted scope and card.

Really amazing!!


Update 1:
Because the target card for sight rifle shooters is much smaller it's hard to find the card with no vision. We made an envelope for the target card with the same size as Benjamin is used too.
This evening he will shoot a session with this setup and see how good he is compared to shooters with vision.

Update 2:
Benjamin shot 370 points out a serie of 40 You can compare it with the average sighted shooters. Well done!!