Saturday, November 28, 2015

Say cheese.

An update about aiming with a camera.
We did our first tests of real time image processing aiming at the target card.
First, it did work and we are still far form something good.
Johan, a well-trained shooter test it for us and could aim with it.
Problems we have are:
1) If you move fast to find the target card the image gets blurry and software did not detect it. 
2) 3D printed camera mount need some improvements.
3) Camera updates are to slow due to a slow CCD.
4) The image resolution is to low for an accurate shot.
5) To much zoom (20X) on the telescopic lens.
6) a lens with a bigger diameter to get more light on the CCD.

Well, a nice list of things that are not right yet.

The plan we have is to use Raspberry PI camera module and not using a USB camera.
Think they have updated the driver to VGA 90 FPS.
Hook it up with a HDMI cable.
Find a telephoto lens 18X zoom.

Bummer, forgot to make a movie of the first tests but it was a real mess of cables and computers at the range :)