Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mellow tunes.

Today I tested with pure sinus output to the headset.
Kedok output is a square wave and a bit harsh for the ear.
Added a DDS generator chip to the CPU board by a AD9850 DDS chip
The sound is now nice and soft, but do you shoot better with it?
I ask Benjamin to test it and see if he likes it.
Still in doubt if it would make the unit to expensive, our main goal was to make a affordable unit for all.
But like live, all is an option. Probably put it in the code as an option.

Update: Benjamin liked the sound much, In Kedok V4.00 we will integrate the DDS module.
For the DDS chip I will use the AD9833. This chip is smaller and has the option to set the wave shape by software, in the menu of the unit you can select the wave shape you prefer. Sinus, triangle and square.

Update:  I added the AD9833 to the Kedok CPU board for a test run. It was a nightmare in jitter by changing the frequency. Every update there was a loud click sound in the headphones.
I used some software libraries that are around on the web, all with that terrible jitter noise.
After reading Analog devices data sheet, I found there is a B28 bit for writing the data bits and adding this to the code it's really nice and smooth in frequency sweeps.
Took me two days coding but worth every hour by the result now.
So where are we now? Think I will add it soon to Kedok and make a version step to 4.00 with it.