Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible

This week I had an OMG moment about a thing as simple as a rifle stand.
Our B/VI shooters use a rifle rest because it is impossible to shoot without one for physical reasons.
There is nothing wrong using it, they can compare the skills on the same level and need no assistant to shoot, they are not dependent on a sighted person.

So there is nothing wrong, yet!
Now it begins, there must be some rules about the rifle stand they use.
I think this can be written in four single lines. Well, thats what I'm thinking.
Noooo, we seems to have the KNSA, IBSA, NOC*NSF, IPC, ISSF,  NSRA and probably many more.
And no-one seems to know what to use or has different opinions about it.

While digging in a massive pile of regulations, I was thinking who pays these guys that make so many pages with regulations. The answer must be the sportsmen who just want to shoot.

I have a bright idea. Make one paper with all regulations on a few pages.
Thats it! Anyone who thinks he is so important that he must add an extra word to it would have to pay a huge amount of money for each letter. This money we can give to the sport shooters.

Why must a shooter like Benjamin pay money to prove he is blind at the NOC*NSF.????

Anyway, I'm  an advocate for using a rigid stand.
They are easy to test, already in use by the junior/senior shooters and cheap.

All you bureaucraps, have fun writing more regulations, If you are looking for us, we are at the range having fun with great sportsmen who really matter. We recommend you to stay home and not disturb us.