Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Benjamin the benchmark.

Since Benjamin, our B/VI shooter, has been shooting with Kedok for more than a year, he is our benchmark.
For a couple of weeks we tested all possible settings in the unit software. (There are plenty)

Settings that can be done in the Kedok unit:
Pitch curve: Makes it more progressive in pitch if you're near the bulls eye.
Average Sensor readings: Takes the average of several sensor readings.
Sample speed: Set the speed of sensor readings.

For the best results Benjamin likes a Curve setting 0 or 1.
Average set to Low and speed to Fast.
The most he is pleased with the Average setting, which makes it less harsh to the ear he said.
Speed must be fast, so the speed of readings is very important.  He disliked setting it slower.
The curve setting could fool the  shooter, the higher set made Benjamin think he did aim
very well but the results dropped.

The default settings which are linear in tone are a good start.
Setting averaging to one give a smoother tone and could be improve the results.