Monday, February 6, 2017

Balancing Priorities and Demands.

I do struggle a bit with priorities and demands.
In B/VI shooting there is much to do, therefor I have to set some goals.

On my priority list:
Kedok development, doing research and making it better
Keep all tools affordable.
Training our guys and pushing them to the limits.
Get maximal exposure for B/VI shooting.

Then there are the demands:
Filling in all paperwork to get a medical certificate and the appropriate licenses for the shooters.
Arrange matches and get sponsors.
Produce Kedok sets to make a small profit to help B/VI shooters and for development.

Since I have a job and plenty of other hobbies I hope others can help me to make B/VI shooting what it deserves.
The most help I get is from the local and other shooting clubs.
Most rewarding are the B/VI shooters, I'm proud of the guys and they are among my bests friends now.