Saturday, February 11, 2017

Great day at the ranges

Yesterday we had a shooting marathon at the range.
Sighted shooters are doing 5 rounds of 50 shots.
Audio shooters 5 rounds of 25 shots.
It's a mix of all shooters, all classes are in the same match.
25 club members came to this match and showed their best skills during this match.
So our B/VI shooters had to compete with an Olympic shooter, young and older shooters using a rifle rest stand.
Scores are by round numbers maximum 100 for a serie of 10 shots.
First round at 10:00, second 11:00, third 12:00 After this a 30 min rest for quick lunch.
Next rounds were at 12:30, 13:30 and 15:00.
It was a great match to see B/VI, elder and young people compete with each other.
The three B/VI shooters were on 4th, 14th and 22th place.
Next year the B/VI shooters also have to shoot 50 shots in a serie.
Benjamin a B/VI shooter got a special reward for being a big asset to the club.
Think our B/VI shooters we are fully accepted as first class shooters, thanks guys.