Saturday, February 18, 2017

Small step in frequency, one giant leap for score.

This Friday we did a test with John, a B/VI shooter at our range.
John scores went down to very bad while the year was going on.
He lost all his faith in shooting and wanted to quit the sport.
Ben a shooting trainer looked at what he was doing while shooting and said to me, John is doing well physically, very steady and I have no idea why he shoots so random. He is a good shooter; maybe it is his rifle?
We tested the rifle and and hit bulls eye after bulls eye.
So there was something wrong with John. 
I took all data from Kedok and there was something odd going on.
Seems John did not aim at the highest score.
Shot after shot he did aim at a 5, 8, 2, 10, 4, 9 and 3.
And he was telling me he always did shoot at the highest pitch, while he was not doing it according the data.
He had a doctor's test for his hearing and all seems to be okay.
I have no idea how the human brain works, but there was something going wrong with John's.
Why does he thinks he aims well and not do it right??  A puzzle for me.
I added some extra code to Kedok software for John and it makes a big frequency step if he is above the 8.
Like there is a helper that say to him you are about right now.
He tested it and his scores went back to good.  He came back from the range with a huge smile.
His wife did reply to me with:  finally, you cracked the nut. I will have a nice weekend too :)
Benjamin tested the software first and had no better score with it, so there is no scoring benefit to a shooter using this extra feature.