Monday, December 25, 2017

Nobody is exempt from the surprises of coding!

As a reader of Michael Whapple's blog, where he  mentions the benefits to have a tone jump in the sound when you enter the inner circles. As Kedok has this option in the software, specially made for John. When he moves towards the inner circles above the eight it makes an extra tone jump of 300 Hz; I took up the idea to make it adjustable, so you can move the tone jump from the rim to the centre of the target card. I discussed it with a few Kedok users and I was surprised that some already used the fixed tone jump option in Kedok. Next update of the software will have an option to move the tone jump from 1 to the 9 circle. A few users will test it and I hope they can improve the results with this new feature. Have to dig in other things too:  for example, is there such a thing as  having tone blindness.

Stay tuned.